One of the Siamese Twins denied license to Marry. Violet Hilton, the right half of the Siamese twins, was denied a license to marry when she applied at the New York marriage license bureau, July 5th.  After prolonged and flurried examination of law books, the corporation counsel held that the issuance of a license under the circumstances would be illegal.  Violet, her fiancé, Maurice L. Lambert, her sister, Daisy, and others who had gathered, were obviously chagrined at the turn of events, and announced that they would attempt to obtain a license in New Jersey.  Daisy, the left half of the twins, announced that she intends to wed soon, too.  The twins are shown above at the license bureau.  Maurice L. Lambert, Violet's husband-to-be is in the back.


ACME July 5th 1934

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