Article from the Toronto Globe Saturday October 12, 1925


 Daisy and Violet Hilton, English-born Siamese Twins.  Born joined together.  At the

age 16.  Playing two games at once-Violet at checkers, Daisy at dominoes.  At Loew's next  week.

Daisy and Violet Hilton were born in England in 1908, and the announcement that the two tiny mites had entered the world joined as one, but otherwise normal in every respect, created a sensation in Great Britain.  Their childhood was spent mostly in America, where they were brought by relatives after the death of their mother.


Their father, a British cavalry officer, was killed in action in 1914.  They are now smashing all house records on the Loew Circuit, and will make their first theatrical appearance at Loew's Theatre next Monday afternoon.  They are known as "The San Antonio Siamese Twins," and Toronto will soon be in a position to add her compliments and good wishes to these charming sisters.




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