Born October 19,1975 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Iíve spent thirty four years harvesting as many experiences as I can, knowing the time Iíve got left wonít be nearly long enough to fit in everything Iíd like to do before I cash out. Hence, my many diverse interests, skill sets and passion for getting out into the world as living life to its fullest as often as I can.


I'm a self educated artist, influenced by each experience and interaction I've had with this world. It was apparent at an early age that I was seasoned with a dash of creativity, and I've been using this spice of life ever since I can remember. Iíve been fortunate to enough to nourish my soul & make a living through various creative outlets, including Industrial Design, Commercial and Freelance Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration and Fine Art.


My work is found in collections across the US and abroad and Iíve had the pleasure of showing my art at numerous events and locations including the following:

When Iím not working, Iím playing, and playing hard. Living in Salt Lake City gives me many opportunities to grab an adventure along the way. In my free time you can find me hiking or biking on mountain and desert trails, tied into ropes, running rivers, or if itís been an exceptionally great year to be an artist, youíll find me traveling abroad.


Things I love the most: My son, my dogs, this life, creativity, laughter, and love itself. Live and Love while you can folks, there's no promise of tomorrow.   With Gratitude 









Interactive Vintage-Inspired Folk Art" is how Iíve chosen to describe this body of work.


What you will in this collection are limited edition re-productions of original wood carvings. These works are inspired by past generations, when people were more grounded to their surroundings through their daily activities. An era when craftsmanship was truly valued and creativity was a necessity to make it from one day to another. A time of deeper relationships with our neighbors, our co-workers, our food, our clothes, and our families.


These works are interactive. Each piece incorporates a movement that is activated by a simple mechanical device; mouths open when a lever is pressed, or wings open when a sting is pulled. Though they are not ďtoysĒ they are meant to be touched and related to with a hands on experience. They are here to remind us that in a world of high tech, there is pleasure to be found in simplicity and joy to be had through taking the time to interact with our world on a more personal level. My favorite part of showing these works is watching peoples response when they first interact with a piece.





























Works of heART, a body of work dedicated to the heart, the experience of living, loving, breaking, healingÖ


People often ask me to explain what an individual piece means. I find this difficult, especially with my Works of heART. What an individual piece means to me is a sum of the process of bringing it to creation, sharing it with an audience and watching its meaning grow, or change with each interaction. Itís a shared experience between myself, the art, and the audience. Itís the relationship between art and its audience that makes art so powerful. Artsí power lies in its ability to extract, invite, invoke, and inspire infinite possibilities of relation and meaning. There are as many meanings in a piece of art as there are individuals who experience it. Thatís magic, & I canít take credit for putting that depth of meaning into a piece. That magic is created by you, the viewer, and, the work itself.





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