Lily & Rose



Lily & Rose were part of the mealy monster land traveling sideshow and had been since they were very young.  Until the day they met their ticket out of mealy monster land.  A gentleman named Frank T. Pocketfull.  Unfortunately ten days after the wedding Frank mysteriously fell ill and died.  Now Lily and Rose live in a big old mansion, just the two of them, exactly how they always liked it.




The Tattooed Lady





Gator Girl




When Gator girl was in her mama's belly her Mama came across a big Old Alligator. The alligator got just one little tiny bite, lucky for Gator girl's mama, she managed to escape.


Maybe the Alligator let her go, knowing what it had done or maybe luck was on her side that day. Frantic she made it home and told her husband what had happened. He hunted down that Alligator and shot it dead.


Needless to say, on the day she was born that Big old alligator got the last laugh.


Alligator Banner by Toni-Lee Sangastiano









Madame Martha










Annie always had a fondness for snakes and snakes always had a fondness for Annie

It was no surprise when at the tender age of 9 Annie ran off to become a performer in the mealy monster land sideshow.







Ava and Anna while visiting the sideshow, were asked if they wanted to join the show?
They shook their heads and walked away, as they told the Showman NO!



Ava and Anna



Ava and Anna make a lovely pair,
two heads with one body, they really don't care,
the problem always begins when they have to share,
they both tug and tug until poor dolly may tear.




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