the Artwork of Jeanette Vieria


Somewhere between my "carny" dad and the Elvis shrine my mom built, I arrived

appropriately here. Fascinated and inspired by Neon lights, Mythology, Folk Music,

and Wanderlust.

Around 2004, I decided to leave the cubicle and run away with the circus. I didn't learn to swallow swords, but I did get serious about painting while working with the family carnival.

My experiences finally came together while on an American road trip, the neon lights, roadside oddities, and kitschy American culture beckoned me. They tell a tale conjoined to my own and I love every bit of it.

Allow me be the first to welcome you to this Mythological Sideshow, where extraordinary creatures and their stories come ALIVE. My wish is for you to laugh, to gasp and to find a familiar sensation in each beautiful tragedy. Please delight your eyes in this menagerie of
life's most mysterious tales.

I've available for commissioned performer banners as well. I've recently finished a

Commission for "Reverend Wolf", a Sword swallowing, Fire eating "geek" extraordinaire.


Here's to making Art!

Find me at



Living Half-Girl. Karawan's struggle between Shadow and Ego. 36x28in Canvas Banner. 2009 





Threshold. 5x7in Black and White Intaglio. 2009



Reverend Wolf. 4x4 ft Canvas Banner. 2009


Giant Cyclops Baby. Absolute and Relative Truths. 48x36in Canvas Banner. 2008 



Fat Cleo. 48x36in Canvas Banner. 2008



Biobeast. Half Croc Half Bear. 48x36in Canvas Banner. 2008 




Pynixa as a Fire Eating Busker. 12x12in Canvas. 2008



Conjoined Lovers. In love, but did they have a choice? 36x48in Canvas Banner. 2008


All images courtesy of Jeanette Vieira - posted on Sideshow World with his express permission - copyright 2009 all rights reserved


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