My name is Michael R. Gordon I am 30 years old and have been creating art and sculptors for many years for my own collections.  I just recently started to sell some of my prints and sculptors online.  Washington state is my home, and because of the rain you cant get out much, so instead I stay in my basement and create.  From simple line drawings to shrunken heads I do a little of everything. 

In fact I will be published in October, the book is called Breakfast at Sally's, in which I did all the line drawings.  You can check it out on, Barnes and Noble or just any site that sells new books.


All artwork courtesy of Michael R. Gordon 2008 All rights reserved.


Header - Shrunken Heads

1 - Mummified Vampire

2 - Mummified Cat

3 - Vampire Stake 1895

4 - Vampire Deer Head

5 - Demon Hand

6 - Mermaid

7 - Haunted House

8 - Head in Basket

9 - Alligator Man (found in the Panama Canal in 1909)

10 - Mummy's Head

11 - Mummy's Hand

12 - Scary Doll

13 - Shrunken Head - made from wax

14 - Lizard Man


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