First I have to explain my website name. Abattoir is a commonly used word in Europe for a slaughterhouse. So being as how my last name is French "LaRue" meaning "the street" I put the two together for "Slaughterhouse Street".

I figured it was kinda cool?

Second: I'm often asked why I choose to work with real animal & human skulls and bones? No I'm not some demented serial killer! I actually feel like I'm keeping up an ancient time honored tradition. From Prehistoric Man to the Mayans and Egyptians people have been working to make beautiful artistic displays of bones and skulls. From the catacombs of Paris to the Buddhist Monks of Tibet and on and on.

Artists are now incorporating ashes of loved ones into one of a kind glass and ceramic pieces. Artists are mixing ash into paints used for art for the families. Another artist is incorporating real human bones into canvas paintings. I myself buy my skulls as specimens used for medical, dental and art study guides. I really believe if the people who donated themselves after they die would not mind what I'm doing in trying to make their last remains into hopefully beautiful artwork.

I was lucky enough to be brought up with parents who helped in my understanding of life, death and anatomy. My dad is a hunter who sometimes brought odd skulls and skeletons from the woods for me to marvel over and study and in turn learn. I myself could never harm an animal. I don't like the sight of real blood and can't really sit through a slasher horror flick.

I also do "mainstream" art such as portraits including pets, wildlife, murals, and art restoration. But art for ME normally goes back to religion (I don't have any), and the macabre fascination with death...and life. If you're a Religious Zealot do your homework before you get on my case. From Saint Icons to the Crusades to the many museums of Freaks and Oddities there are always going to be artists like me. People are fascinated by death. It's just part of life. Now that you know a small fraction about me and my art check it out.

 Thanks, Rick LaRue

I take an enormous pride in creating our products, and hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you like.



Japanese Demon "ONI" Skull

The Vampire...



















 Spider-Pede 28 Legs




Female Skeleton Torso

Human Skull Candle Holder





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