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Welcome to the macabre world of Kevin T. Gerrone.


Kevin grew up in a small suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. It was a town that lacked in activities, leaving most people looking for other ways to amuse themselves.


At an early age he became obsessed with drawing monsters, each time making them more frightening than the last. He was a fan of horror movies and read everything he could find about topics like Bigfoot, UFOs, and other mythological folklore. After high school, Kevin attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and in 1998 received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree.


During this time he began creating paintings that resembled old time sideshow banners, a style that he has refined over the years to make his own. A combination of his childhood love for the strange, and his new found love of the sideshow, resulted in what can only be described as an obsession. He started researching, collecting, and creating freakish objects while also refining his own style of banner painting.


Kevin has now decided that it is time to open the doors to Gerrone Studios and let the world experience and even own an original piece of his macabre art. We hope you enjoy and check back often for new additions to the galleries.


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of Kevin Gerrone
























Posted here with the permission of Kevin Gerrone


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