I was born in North France, and lived as a child in Normandy. When I was six months old, my father, a talented landscape painter, put in my podgy fingers a pencil, and from that moment I have never stopped drawing, characters most of all.


My childhood was lulled by ghost stories, books reading alone with a torch under my blanket at night, theatre shows on the banks of the Seine...I remember one day when a circus came to our little Norman village. I spent my days there while they set-up. From then on I became very passionate by what I’m pleased to call “The Red Curtain World”.


So at age 8, I decided to become an illustrator, I wanted to “Make People Dream” (especially children if I could).


Ten years later, I’m in Lyon, at Emile Cohl Art School, which is very well known here in France.  My major is in illustration professional medium. I have learned illustration, animation, comic strips and painting, and  now am qualified in the field.


In my gallery you will find one of my projects, which I loved doing (and I'm still fascinated with), about the theme of “freaks”. I started loving them when at age 14, I saw the Tod Browning 30’s film “Freaks, the monstrous parade”, late one night on a German cultural channel (“Arte”). I researched the subject at my colleges great library (looked like a Harry Potter library to me!) and found an old Almanach named the “Crapouillot” in which I found a lot of articles about human oddities. But their deformity wasn’t the point of my interest: “they’re human!” I told myself. 


It was all I could imagine, what's behind the gaze, what's behind the performer, what's behind the physique? Great  personalities, most of the time! By drawing them as characters, I wanted to express my tenderness for them, I find each individual  very beautiful in their differences.  So I took my pencil and brushes, and started to work, and will try to fulfil this gallery sometimes.


You can also see my other stuff at my blog , Have a nice visit, Cheerio!


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Maximo & Bartola - The Aztecs © 2006



The Tomainis - Al the Giant Jeanie - Only Living Half Girl & their Daughter Judy © 2006



Alice E. Doherty - The Minnesota Woolly Baby  © 2006



Che-Mah - Tiniest Chinaman ©  2006



Frank Lentini - Three Legged Man © 2006





Myrtle Corbin

4 Legged Girl

 © 2006

Joseph - Josephine

Half & Half

© 2006



The Giant Jack - "Jack Earle the Gentle Giant"  © 2006



Otis Jordon - the Frog Man ©  2006



Madame Delait - French Bearded Lady Le Petit Journal © 2006



Madison, the Dead Feejee Mermaid © 2010



Conjoined Twins  © 2010



Ursula the Spider Girl  © 2010



Alive Wonders Cirque © 2010


Posted here with the permission of Maly Siri


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