Archive-American Tattoo Artist Flash circa 1904


Images Include


Hats, "the school Hudson", man on a hog, anthromorphic drawings, lodge symbols, baseball player caricature, flags of the nations, horse drawn fire pumper engines, a Jewish junk dealer named R'Hags, facial profiles, uniformed men, an owl, battle ships, a military battle, Irishman, school teacher, Jesus' crucifixion, Apache Indian, circus sideshow acts (ie. elephant man, living skeleton, siamese twins, etc.),  whaler ship scene, bullets, cannons, etc.


Ink manuscript cryptic / astrological verses then precede the last part of the drawings which focus on sometimes densely pencil-drawn, complex, symbolic scenes involving human sacrifice (ie. temple sacrifice of virgins in Mexico, The Wicker Man Yew Tree / Druids in England, Eye Ingestion and thumb torture, etc.) 























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