HANK the Tattooed Dog!


The dogs name was Hank and Jack Waller wound up with him.  I worked with Jack and Hank for two season's.

Hank died of skin cancer about 1984.  Jack had him cremated and put in an urn.  I went and had a plaque made for the urn that said "Hank...what a showman"

Jacks show was laid down as a ten in one but it was more of an illusion show.

Jack passed away about 1989 and for his wishes was cremated and his ash's were epoxyed into the bottom of a blade box so naked ladies would lay on him for eternity.

Hank was a Chinese hairless, small and light skinned. Bobby had one tattoo at a time done.  Of course Hank was put to sleep for the tattooing.  His entire body had tattoos and I understand it took over a year to do it all as Hank would have to heal before another tattoo could be done.

Jack had a baby crib on stage that Hank would lay in and not make a noise.  Hanks spot in the show was right after Jack did the Zigzag illusion.

That dog knew when it was his turn to be on.  He would get up on the side of the crib and his tail would wag so much.  Jack would get Hank out of the crib and Hank would walk on the front of the stage from one side to the other with no coaching from Jack at all.  Some marks would come up to the stage to pet Hank and he would give them a kiss.  Than Hank would know his act was over and head back to the crib and wait for Jack to put him in.

We did 10 to 12 shows a day and Hank never missed a one.

(we always took him out back to feed and water him and let him do his business several times a day)


Don Diver



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