Constructed with Hand Carved Wood Heads each with it's own character expression Carved into the face, no two alike in any set.  The heads are 5 to 6 inches from Chin to top of fore-head, just the right size for professional work, and all have solid, glass eyes.

Pinxy figures have that perfect BALANCE so necessary for Quick, Smooth, Action and are easy to hold and handle.  Being Punch workers for many years, we know the exact requirements for the best working figures.

Beautifully and Artistically Costumed in keeping with their characters and with a long sleeve to cover the worker's arms.  Pinxy Punch figures are QUALITY PLUS.

A set of six figures - Punch, Judy, Policeman, Negro, Devil and Alligator, as described above wit h Instructions and Patter $40.00 and a Pinxy Sterling Silver Punch reed-free with the set.  Single figures, etc.,

as follows: - Punch, $8.50;  The others, $7.00; Special Characters or moving moths will be priced upon request.  Sterling Silver Punch Reeds, $1.00.  The Best, None-Better.


PINXY MARIONETTES are strictly professional made. Strong, Light and Flexible.  Correctly strung on perfect working controls, easy to handle.

All have HAND CARVED WOOD HEADS, and are NEATLY and ATTRACTIVELY costumed.  Made throughout with the very best materials obtainable.  Pinxy Puppets are the most satisfactory to be had.  Used and recommended by the big successful acts of today.

ANY type or Character wanted; Such as CLOWN; BALL JUGGLER: BAR PERFORMER; MASTER of CEREMONIES; DANCERS; DRUNKEN SAILOR; Straight and Comedy characters and Animals.

TRICK FIGURES - such as DANCING SKELETON which falls apart and re-assembles; SCARAMOUCHE a comedy figure; INSTANT TRANSFORMATIONS and TURN-OVERS. Any trick figure priced upon application.


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