Mirin Dajo: Wonderman


Just after the Second World War, the Dutchman Mirin Dajo made himself into a living enigma, as his body was able to be pierced repeatedly, without suffering any internal injury or even bleeding. Sixty years on, the world has largely forgotten what he did, even who he was.


Mirin Dajo was born in 1912 as Arnold Gerrit Henskes. The first records of Dajo come from 1947 when he allowed an assistant to plunge a fencing foil right through his body at the Corso Theatre in Zurich, Mirin. The foil appeared to have pieced several vital organs, but Dajo was unharmed. People were terrified, but intrigued by what they saw. Mirin was forced to undergo many medical tests and to perform his act for baffled doctors. After x-ray tests were conducted, the legitimacy of his abilities was confirmed by the medical community. It could not be explained by any physician.



Mirin Dajo was a very religious man and some media outlets labeled him a “Messiah.” His sideshow displays were often concluded with a lecture and a message of peace. During his act he took to being impaled by three hollow skewers. He would then pump water through those skewers to become a human fountain.


On May 26, 1948, Mirin Dajo died from an aortic rupture. He was not performing at the time, but his death could have resulted from previous acts. A true explanation for his incredible ability is yet to be determined, maybe luck, faith, unique biology, or mind over matter.


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