I saw a blog, day before yesterday, off of your site that stated that the 'circassian beauties' that
PT Barnum hired to be in his side show/s were a hoax.  I already knew that.  The blog also gave the
real name of one of the 'circassian beauties'.  I asked the blogger if they could tell me the real name
of Zalumma Agra who is my maternal great grandmother.  My problem is that they may not contact me
because I don't know how to become a blogger.  I did put up a blogging site called,  Circassian, but I
am not sure if it will work because it asked for my
Yahoo.com address.  I don't have one.  My address
is Hotmail.
For some reason Zalumma used her stage name when she married my great grandfather John M.(Murdoch) Bruce, Ice Dealer, of Pittsburgh, PA.  She was married in 1874, and had Robert Dale BD 4 March 1875, DD 1951; Mary and John Henry (my grandfather)BD 27 July 1877; Daisy and John Murdoch BD 1 July 1879 ( Daisy died at the age of 8 months and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh.  There is no record of Mary's death.  Everybody and his brother who can prove that they are descendants of Rev. Robert Bruce are buried in the family plot at Allegheny Cemetery.  Zalumma gave birth to two sets of fraternal twins.  There is no other recording of fraternal twins in my Bruce genealogy.  I am using the fraternal twins idea to search the 1860 US Census for New York City page by page through Heritage Quest to try and find her family.  The 1880 US Census for Pittsburgh shows that she was born in 1851.  It also shows that both parents were from Turkey-carrying the ruse right through her whole Pittsburgh life. 
Sometime around 1885 Zalumma divorced John M. Sr. From a remark made by a Bruce relative now in her 96th or 97th year who knew John M.,  I have reason to believe that he was not a very pleasant person.  There is an article in the New York Times dated 1889  below tells of how Zalumma came back to Pittsburgh in November 1889, met her three sons on their way to school and enticed John Murdoch
to leave with her.  There is also an article in a Pittsburgh paper, dated in 1889, but I have yet to see it.
I have searched for John M./Murdoch Bruce through the 1930 US Census.  I believe that Zalumma used her real name and changed my great uncle's name so that her ex-husband could not find them.
Have a great day and thanks for your help.

Tom I will post this information on Sideshow World to see if anyone can provide further information for you.  Please contact us here if you have any information.


Thanks John Robinson Sideshow World




NY Times November 21, 1889



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